It's all about crochet!

It's all about crochet . . . and sharing patterns, techniques, and ideas with you!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

The "I Love Treble" Cowl

This is a wonderful, easy, one skein cowl that looks great on and is super warm.  It is a free pattern courtesy of This Is Knit.   I love Brown Sheep Burly Spun, and it is super soft and warm - and a surprising drape for such a bulky yarn.  I made a couple of changes to my first one.

I added about 8 more stitches, so it would be slightly longer and easier to double up.  I did three rows (instead of four) before joining and then worked the suggested additional four.  It only takes an hour or so from start to finish, so it will be my go-to pattern for last minute gifts.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Why Blog?

Why "One Loop Shy"?  I keep telling my knitting friends that I love crochet because you only deal with one loop at a time!  I hope to get savvy enough to learn to post patterns and links to my favorite crochet sites, and share with other crocheters along the way.

I work for a LYS in Marietta GA.  For a yarn lover like me, it's basically like working in a candy store.  I am so excited to renew my interest is all things crochet when so many talented designers are out there creating patterns.  I have a renewed respect for pattern writers, as I have begun to try my hand at creating and writing out some simple ones.  Hopefully, I'll have some to share on this site soon.