It's all about crochet!

It's all about crochet . . . and sharing patterns, techniques, and ideas with you!

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Why Blog?

Why "One Loop Shy"?  I keep telling my knitting friends that I love crochet because you only deal with one loop at a time!  I hope to get savvy enough to learn to post patterns and links to my favorite crochet sites, and share with other crocheters along the way.

I work for a LYS in Marietta GA.  For a yarn lover like me, it's basically like working in a candy store.  I am so excited to renew my interest is all things crochet when so many talented designers are out there creating patterns.  I have a renewed respect for pattern writers, as I have begun to try my hand at creating and writing out some simple ones.  Hopefully, I'll have some to share on this site soon.