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Saturday, November 26, 2011

Firebird Plaid Scarf

Double Wrapped, Side Tie
This was my "in the car" project as I traveled to both of my kids colleges the weekend before Thanksgiving.  I love this alpaca lace yarn, I love the price, and I wanted to do something quick that used one skein.

This is lightweight, warm, soft, lacy and fun to wear!

It is really simple and rhythmic . . . five rows of single crochet, three rows of treble filet.  Both ends get a ruffle of treble stitches.

I steamed the final piece and pinned it.  Blocking of lace projects always enhances the final product and makes it drape much better.  It is worth the extra time!

The yarn was double stranded throughout, so it is not as tedious as you might think to work with such a fine laceweight.  I used a size E hook, and it was surprising how quickly this worked up.

Pattern Details Here

Single Wrap, Center Tie

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

"Oxido Cowl" in Malabrigo Rasta

So, you can indeed make a cowl from one skein of Malabrigo Rasta!!  And, you can do it really, really fast!!  And, you will have enough left to make a simple flower.  My flower is actually a button-on pin that can be repositioned any way you like.

It is at the shop, so I can't experiment with it right now, but I'm wondering how it would look with a twist? And, what if I made a couple of leaves that you could button the pin through, to give it another look?
There are lots of possibilities for embellishment with this one, so look for more photos to be added to this post!
What are you planning to make for holiday gifts?

Pattern Details Here


Sunday, October 23, 2011

New Pattern! Yelcho Lace Scarf

Tunisian Lace in Araucania Yelcho Yarn - a perfect blend of Mohair/Silk/Wool

Gray / Peach / Coral - I love this combination!
This is a wonderful, quick scarf to make for fall!  Sometimes, variegated yarns can be problematic in crochet, but not this time!  I love the way the colors flowed, and then to find some yummy silk ribbon to finish it off . . . just gives it a little extra style.

The light bulb will go off when you see that by simply keeping back the last loop of each double crochet, and adding in some yarn overs, you create this lacy effect.  The drape is more fluid than simple filet crochet, and is actually faster to do.

This will be featured in our "One Skein Workshop" at Lovin' Knit Yarn Shop & Studio, Saturday November 12.  Let's get working on those holiday gifts!

Pattern Details Here

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Perfect Accessory for Fall

Thirteen Stitches Headband

Slip stitch your way to a new headband in just a few hours and with less than one skein of yarn!  Decorate any way you like!  Make it in your team colors and wear it to the game Friday night!

Looks knitted, but it's all crochet - so only one hook and one loop at at time!

Pattern Details Here

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