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It's all about crochet . . . and sharing patterns, techniques, and ideas with you!

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Pattern Updates!

I have just finished a rather tedious task of updating and editing my first five patterns for Deep South Fiber. They sell printed patterns wholesale to yarn shops all across the country. Currently, they don't have a lot of crochet so I am excited that they agreed to carry some of mine!

So often at the LYS where I work (Lovin' Knit in Marietta, GA) people are just looking for an individual pattern that is well written and easy to execute. We have literally hundreds of knit patterns to choose from but very few crochet.

Here are the first five:

Counterchange Cowl

13 Stitches Headband

Sweet Potato Twist Cowl

Quicker Cowl

Beach Ball Squared Baby Blanket