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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Seen from a "Mile Away"


I am so excited that my hat "Mile Away" was chosen as one of the 18 semi-finalists in the My Mountain Hat contest sponsored by Schachenmayr/SMC yarns! I first heard about the contest at TNNA in June, but got "hooked" when two boxes with yarn and contest rules arrived on my doorstep in July.

I work for a knit store, but I don't knit! I teach, push, and design in crochet and try to convert the knitters to what they affectionately . . . I think . . . call the "dark side".

Slip stitch crochet looks very much like knit and fools quite a few people, so it is been a favorite tool of mine in some of my latest designs. The offfset short row sections in this design do surprising things when they are swirled up into a hat, and it is deceptively simple to stitch. I hope you'll jump in and make this as soon as the pattern is released!

Go "like" My Mountain on Facebook and vote daily for my hat (please!). The contest runs through the 23rd!


  1. This is a great hat! Congrats and good luck! I've never heard of this stitch before. I can't wait for the patterns to come out. I only crochet so I can at least try four of the patters out!

  2. Thanks Sheri! I am looking forward to the pattern releases too! It is great to see four crochet hats make the semi-finals.